Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Additional Questions

These questions cover pages 56 - 63, but the answers are not the type you can look up and copy; You have to form them yourself. Write or type the answers and bring them to class next time.

A. Compare and contrast Survival Rights and Thrival Rights. Don't just copy the definition from the book;Explain how they are similiar and how they differ by nature.

B. It would be easy to assume that the concept of the "common good" would simply be the "most good for the most people". Explain how, in a society in which people have different attitudes, opinions, and expectations, you can establish a common good "for all people".

C. Refute the argument that in order for some to participate and be successful in society there must be some who are marginalized. (In other words, there cannot be winners unless there are losers.)

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