Wednesday, September 19, 2007

"Ism" Projects

Your "-ism" paper is to be two pages in length and you are not to use the internet for your research. Rather, explore the wealth of knowledge found in BOOKS. Make sure that you cover the answers to the following questions:

1. Clearly define the –ism
2. Place the –ism in its historical context: When did it arise and become prominent?
3. Place the –ism in its geographical context: Where was it prominent?
4. What problem or social issue was the –ism intended to rectify?
5. Who were the founders, leaders, or advocates of the –ism?
6. What were the benefits of the –ism? (For individuals, classes, or society at large)
7. What were the downsides of the –ism? (For individuals, classes, or society at large)
8. What problems or social issues did it cause?
9. How did the Church react to the –ism? Why?
10. Who were notable opponents to the school of thought in question?
11. Name any non-traditional sources that are influenced by or depict the school of thought. (Movies, music, art, literature, etc.)

In addition to the paper, students will be responsible for teaching the school of thought to the class. The lesson should highlight the main points of the ideology, using the questions above as reference points. Students are encouraged to utilize audio or visual aids in the lesson, including posters, brief audio or video clips, or power point presentations. Handouts are also helpful, but not required. Finally, the lesson should include two or three discussion questions for the class.

If you need copies of handouts or any other arrangements for your lesson, let me know as soon as possible to ensure that your presentation is a success.

"A person should not believe in an -ism; He should believe in himself." -Ferris Bueller.

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