Wednesday, September 19, 2007

You will always have the poor...

We discussed the Gospel passage in which Jesus tells us that we will always have the poor in our midst. This does not mean we should stop trying to relieve the struggle of those in poverty, but rather recognize that our time and efforts should be direct at BOTH God and Neighbor, and not just the latter.

I mentioned that this passage is often used to underscore the argument that Churches should have "nice" things to be used in worship (vestments, vessels, and so forth). This prompted some heated debate, for which I am very grateful.

I pointed out, God does not need all of this finery. Rather, as weak-minded mortals, we humans need these objects to signify the reverence we should give to the mysteries of our faith and to help direct our wandering minds away from the worldly and toward the spiritual.

A student pointed out that in the movie Indiana Jones (respected source of authority that it is) the Holy Grail was not a super-bling goblet, but was a simple cup. However, it is worthy of note that the interior of the cup was in fact Gold. We offer to God our very best, especially when it comes to the celebration of the sacrament of our salvation, the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass. These items are not for the luxury of the priest or the adornment of the Church, but for the reverent worship of God in heaven. (however, anyone can go overboard, and you are right to be cautious where such material things are concerned. As the venerable Mr. Pfennig says, "all things in moderation...including moderation."

Well, get crackin' on your papers. until next time,

Ad Jesum Per Mariam,
Mr. B.

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